How to decrease your gaming craze?

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How to decrease your gaming craze?
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We know that those who play games are more mentally active as compared to those who play outdoor games. Doctors also said that gaming is good for us, but video gaming all the day is harmful for us. The bad effects of video gaming are, gamers mostly destroy their relations, lost a lot of money on purchasing games or getting accounts on gaming sites. They neglect most important obligation, and waste hundreds of hours. It is easy for us to end our gaming craze, if we follow these simple steps.

·        Always try to admit that you are suffering from gaming craze.  Compare yourself to others. Are those people better than you? Why you cannot live a normal life. Try to do such activities, in which most of your time spent.

·        Try to avoid for game purchasing. Try to make a financial budget, and try to cut down the amount you fixed in the budget for games, in every next budget.

·        Try to think that these games are not for you. You are a responsible person. These games are for children. Also try to realize that playing game is not productive. Your video games collection is not beneficial for you. Your high scores will not give any reward to you in your future life.

·        Try to avoid 100% success in video games. Try to just pass to the next level. With the passage of time, it will reduce your interest in the gaming.

·        Try to spend your time in outdoor activities. Try to play puzzle game, or try to play chess and you may spend your time in programming.

·        Try to limit gaming time. You can make a schedule that you will spend 2 hours in a week. This can also reduce your gaming interest.

      Always tell about your achievements to the family. They will give reward for this achievement. Try to avoid your gaming friends group.  These are some steps which help you to avoid video gaming.

There Will Be Games
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