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It's been a long time since we've had a good, front-page AT Radar discussion.  Let's remedy that, shall we?







I've reached an odd point in my game buying.  At one time, I could rattle off dozens of games that I was interested in tracking down, and probably another dozen that I was anxiously expecting.  These days, it's a little more difficult.

Of stuff that's out, I'm mostly in purusit of the odd expansion here or there.   I have just gotten Arkham Horror (yeah, I know, late to the party) and the first expansion to that comes highly recommended.  I'm also looking pretty heavily at the Starcraft: Brood War expansion, because it looks awesome.  The Tannhauser expansion would be nice to add a little spice, but holy crap no way can I justify paying what the original game used to cost for far less in terms of figures and cardboard.

And who's bright idea was it to reprint one of the original boards on the back of the board in the new set?  INCONCEIVABLE!

Anyway, after that I'm drawing blanks.  I really want to try out Age of Conan because I really enjoy both Marvel Heroes and War of the Ring, but we're so stuffed to the gills with "dudes on a map" games that it would really struggle to find table time.  Ditto adventure games; I need to put a sign up that says "FULL AT THE INN, NO MAS, POR FAVOR~!"

So for the first time in awhile I'm having a hard time thinking of stuff to keep in the ol' handy-dandy AT Radar.


dune.jpgDune (FFG Reprint):  We still know just about as much about this as we did when it was announced.  Mechanics only with a Twilight Imperium retheme, which doesn't bother me too badly even though I'm a Dune fan.  You know it's going to have the FFG treatment in terms of production.  I would gladly pick up the original if I could find one that didn't cost $75 and still look like it had been through someone's washing machine.  So I'll take "in print", however I can get it at this point.





Gears of War:  Another one that was announced and then seemingly forgotten about, I hope that this time FFG uses this to do Tannhauser the "right" way--give us a lot of meat on a good boardgame representation of a multi-player first-person shooter.  Personally I'm looking forward to it just to see the figs.






Middle Earth Quest:   This could be extremely awesome or entirely lame.  This is another one where details have been scarce...to scarce.  I just hope it doesn't end up like that lame Electronic Arts Lord of the Rings game where you played knock-offs of the Fellowship members doing half-assed representations of the stuff the real Fellowship did.   (Incidentally, looking up images for this article made me realize--I had this book as a kid!)







Star Wars: Clone Wars Epic Duels:  Though I know this won't be out for another little while, it hasn't stopped me from looking at the mass marketer shelves every time I'm there.  I'm really hoping we don't get only six figures, but Epic Duels is a great game that probably would've gotten a sequel if it hadn't been for Star Wars Miniatures.  This one is a must-buy for me.






War of the Roses:  Gah, I remember writing about this one in an AT radar segment like two years ago.  I'm assuming it didn't 'stealth' by me at some point and this is still in development.  With movies, if there are this many delays it's always a bad sign, but I'm looking forward to the new hotness from Columbia Games.



That's not a very large list.  At all.  Though I am interested in the "Death Race 2000"-inspired game that Frank mentioned in one of his latest blogs, coming from Z-Man games.  If they can do that theme justice, I'm all in, baby.


Anybody got any other ideas?  I'm all ears.



There Will Be Games
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