Crossing the Mainstream for Fun and Profit

Crossing the Mainstream for Fun and Profit Hot

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One week we're a comics and movies site, the next week we're a Fantasy Flight Games cult recruitment center.  All I have to say is that it was't but a week ago that I said something here at this very site to the effect of that"Imagine if BATTLELORE were in the hands of FFG".  I also predict that a man named Hister is going to cause a lot of grief and a man with a blue turban will blow up the middle east.

This week's article at is largely repetitive of some of the things we talked about here last week when WOW:AG started showing up at Target, but I thought it was important to put something out about it at Gameshark since it's substantially more "mainstream" than we are here.  Hopefully, some kid who accidentally clicks on my column every week will say "Hey, finally, he says where I can get one of those games".

I do go after the Eurogames and Eurogamers a little bit in it...we haven't had a good fight in a while, so those of you looking for a little action might find something worth bickering about.
Crossing the Mainstream for Fun and Profit There Will Be Games
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