It aint' GAME Z, but it's close

It aint' GAME Z, but it's close Hot

Michael Barnes     
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OK, so if you _are_ going to buy a game against my rants against doing so, make it this one.

I absolutely love LINEAGE II: THE CHAOTIC CHRONICLE. And it's a game I bet most of you folks have never played since it was only published in South Korea. It's the kind of design that is "just enough" in every regard. Just enough theme and narrative, just enough abstraction, just enough conflict, just enough luck, just enough's awesome.

So go read the review at, and if you want it, Boulder still has copies. Why Z-Man or somebody else hasn't picked up this masterpiece for a US release is beyond me. Ditch the arcane MMORPG theme for another fantasy one  and the license isn't a problem.

It aint' GAME Z, but it's close There Will Be Games
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