Expansions Make Sweet Music

Expansions Make Sweet Music Hot

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Continuing in the current F:AT zeitgeist of Play What You Own (TM), this week's Cracked LCD article is about expansions. I picked five expansions that are among the best but I kept it to games that are in print and current to avoid sending folks off to Ebay or other money-sinks. I wanted them to be expansions to games that people are more likely to own.

In the article, I've also intentionally "failed" to mention a Popular Boardgaming Site in a craven attempt to increase readership. The last time I did that, the article got  1400+ views here at F:AT (and that doesn't account for hits at Gameshark). In contrast, some of the really great articles that have generated meaningful, thought-provoking discussion about board games haven't cracked half of that number. For example, Tom's great article about the secondary hobby has around 690 views and last week's Cracked LCD about theme has about 600. So from now on, I pledge to give you guys more soap opera and less smarty pants talk.  The people have spoken.

Expansions Make Sweet Music There Will Be Games
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