Hello Kitty, Please Come Back...

Hello Kitty, Please Come Back... Hot

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Yeah, I actually like CARCASSONNE...the funny thing is, I thought it was just a silly puzzle game until the expansions made it a very nasty silly puzzle game. I thought it might make for a good article to let the Xbox Live CARCASSONNE adopters in on what we've had available for years now. Next week, I'm doing the same thing with SETTLERS.

So y'all line up now to take a shot at me for championing the game that launched a million unbelievably lame t-shirts, pictures, icons, coffee mugs...how in the world a hobby that used to rally around Avalon Hill succumbed to the cult of cute is beyond me...it's like Hello Kitty worship for paunchy, middle-aged folks.

Anyway, have at it. Special Guest Star- Christopher Lee.

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Hello Kitty, Please Come Back... There Will Be Games
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