CUTTHROAT CAVERNS- the Compleat Review

CUTTHROAT CAVERNS- the Compleat Review Hot

Michael Barnes     
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For this week's 101st or 92nd Cracked LCD article, I'm reviewing CUTTHROAT CAVERNS. For all you backstabbing gloryhounds out there, this is the game for you.

Now, you may or may not have noticed the CUTTHROAT CAVERNS ad that pops up between the EVONY and CORNHOLE 2 spots. I absolutely admit that I am behind that. When we first started talking about seeing how ads might work here, one of the first things I suggested was that we pursue the smaller, more "indie" companies that may not have a big ad budget and really sort of give them a place to promote their games. I fully believe that we at F:AT should stand by what we advertise as much as possible, and this is an instance where I wholeheartedly endorse this product or service.

I love CUTTHROAT CAVERNS, but I envy those of you who have never gotten to play with Richard Launius. His ongoing commentary is incredible in most games, but in CC it reaches its apotheosis. "Alright boys, you gotta watch out for the boogens...they'll get ya!" is probably the greatest thing ever to come out of that man's mouth aside from "I think a Cthulhu board game would be a good idea".

CUTTHROAT CAVERNS- the Compleat Review There Will Be Games
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