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It's funny to me that STAR TREK and hobby gaming sort of grew up together- they got started in the 60s, grew popular in the 70s, and hit a peak in the 80s. And both wound up being exiled to parents' basesments by the mainstream by the 1990s. Both had become insular, nitpicky, and beloved by tubby weirdoes the world over. With the new movie out and hugely successful, I think there's a lot that board games could learn from the new TREK in terms of making a formerly fringe, nerd-dominated subculture popular and accessible again. Board games need more Beastie Boys and less "Row Row Row Your Boat". More sex appeal and less beards. More color and excitement and a lot less beige and bullshit "intellectualism".

Anyway, at this week I'm looking at the three best TREK games out there, at least that I've played. I've not played the WEG STAR TREK III game but it looks pretty cool. Nor have I played any kind of STAR TREK trivia game, but I doubt I'd do well at one. It's high time somebody come up with the incredible STAR TREK game that I know is out there in the ether somewhere.

Oh, and Steve Weeks- I haven't forgotten about your idea for a column- we'll do that in two weeks. Next week is E3 so I don't anticipate doing a column since it's all going to be about that over there. Maybe I'll do a report from E3 if Bill Abner suddenly decides to give me his tickets.

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