Review Rodeo #4- Get along, l'il Euros

Review Rodeo #4- Get along, l'il Euros Hot

Michael Barnes     
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I guess I'm the "cowboy brute" in this here Review Rodeo. And some of these rodeo animals do suffer some kicks and punches.

This time we have:

  • A game that really reminded me of how worthless and pointless the worst Eurogames are
  • A game where you throw meeples on the table and then send them to hell
  • A game where I developed a clever mime to indicate "Frank Branham" that got mistaken as "has breasts" by other players
  • A game that made me die a little inside that resembles Bingo

I doubt any of you will be rushing out to buy any of these games, but it should be clear who the winners of this bronc-busting contest are.

If you're the designers of one of the two bad games, I'm not sorry. Don't release crap.

Review Rodeo #4- Get along, l'il Euros There Will Be Games
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