ATTACK! is back, not wack, give it a crack

ATTACK! is back, not wack, give it a crack Hot

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This week at Cracked LCD the "Summer of Reviews" continues unabated with a review of the new edition of Eagle Games' ATTACK!

Oddly, it's not really a new editions so much as it's a new rulebook and a couple of extra components. Most of the game, physically, is exactly the same as the six-year-old copy that may be gathering dust in your closet.

I've always kind of liked ATTACK! There's a meat-and-potatoes, damn-those-modern-games feel to it that I like and I think that of the Eagle Games stable it was probably their best effort despite some really, really wonky rules and a couple of classic goofball Eagle Games screw-ups (Where are those anchors on the map again? How do I tell the single units from the five unit pieces?) In some ways, I think that a lot of what Eagle was doing was sort of ahead of its time...remember the responses online to their games circa 2003, in the middle of the Eurogame craze? I bet that if a lot of them came out today, they'd not only be better games but they'd be better recieved in the post-AT revolution world. Apart from AGE OF EMPIRES III, that game would suck in any time period.

I think it's kind of a let down that they didn't take the opportunity to bring ATTACK! up to speed with modern games like the FFG titles, but I also think it's smart that they came up with a way to update the game without incurring huge production costs and really just kind of using what they had laying around. Plus, you can buy the original ATTACK! for peanuts these days so upgrading to the new version is pretty cheap. Or you can just pick up the combined edition for $50.

Either way, you're still going to be cutting a thousand miniatures off sprues.

ATTACK! is back, not wack, give it a crack There Will Be Games
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