#1- The SPACE HULK Review Hot

Michael Barnes     
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Cracked LCD this week is the inevitable SPACE HULK review. Yeah, there's tons of them out there already and it's hard to beat Robert Florence's, but I figured that we've got some great momentum and it won't be long before this game wins the greatest popularity contest in the history of gaming. I hope they hand the trophy to Brother Claudio, he's my favorite sculpt. He's all like "come gets some, motherfucker! What? What? Yeah, these are Lightning claws bitch!"

If you didn't get a copy, I feel sorry for you, son. You might have 99 games but SPACE HULK ain't one.

It's one of the best examples of hobby gaming ever published. And it may just be the game that unites us all.

#1- The SPACE HULK Review There Will Be Games
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