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chaos in the old world A couple of months ago, editor-in-chief Bill Abner said "no Barnes, I want to do the CHAOS IN THE OLD WORLD    review".  This was back when I was a doubter and I thought the game was going to be another also-ran in a year with too many also-rans.  So instead, I reviewed garbage like WORLD WAR IV and pissed everybody off with articles such as "The Ceiling" while we all waited for Abner's take on the game. Earlier this week, Bill asked me to finally write it up since he's been preoccupied with other matters and hasn't had a chance to play it in a while, let alone spill out a thousand words or so about it. So I took up the banner, and I give you the review of CHAOS IN THE OLD WORLD.

Now, a couple of weeks back our very own Steve "I liek boob&bomb" Avery commented that he was "disappointed" in the game. Well Steve,  I'm disappointed in you. CitOW is the best game of the year, hands down. Robert Florence, in his podcast, called it (quote) "the best game [he's] ever played". That's a little hyperbolic, but I understand the sentiment because the game is just flat out awesome from concept to mechanics. Is it an thinking man's ass-kicking game, or an ass-kicking man's thinking game? IT IS BOTH.

So, if you buy only one game this year, blah blah, make it this one.

And, FYI, I did not recieve a promo copy of the game from FFG. In fact, I don't even own it at all. Santa Claus, come in, can you read me?



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