Cavemen Fighting Dinosaurs. 'Nuff Said!

Cavemen Fighting Dinosaurs. 'Nuff Said! Hot

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We should be thankful for the bravery and courage of our caveman forefathers.  If it weren't for these noble cavemen running around murdering dinosaurs with flint spears, we'd all be speaking dinosaur right now.  Thanks to the cavemen, the dinosaurs all died out after years of struggle and turned into oil so that we could have global warming (no more ice ages!), gigantic corporations pulling the strings of big government, the war in the middle east, and THERE WILL BE BLOOD.  And the world is a much better place.  Right?

Maybe not, but the gaming world is a better place with CAVEMAN in it, the first game published by UK publishers Make-A-Game LTD.  It's a blast, definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for something in the class of a NEXUS OPS or MONSTERS MENACE AMERICA.  And it plays great with kids.

So, to complete the trifecta of articles over at covering games featuring stone age shenanigans (ORIGINS and CIV were the last two), make like the wheel and roll on over to check out the review.

Cavemen Fighting Dinosaurs. 'Nuff Said! There Will Be Games
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