Straight to Hell, Boy- CLAUSTROPHOBIA in Review

Straight to Hell, Boy- CLAUSTROPHOBIA in Review Hot

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claustrphobia Frank Branham claimed that CLAUSTROPHOBIA "might be better than SPACE HULK" when he introduced it to me. I listened to my gut instinct, which tells me that no man that enjoys the taste and texture of Creamed Pull Candy(sort of a sweetened shortening) should be trusted in such regards. "Poppycock" said I, and dismissed his ludicrous claim out of hand. He was of course wrong and eventually recognizant of his error, but the fact remains that CLAUSTROPHOBIA is a really good dungeon crawl game that sets itself apart from the pack by being extremely easy to get into and play in a reasonable amount of time. It definitely fits into Uba's whole "short games that don't suck" idea, and there are things about that I think make it more appealing than even venerable old DESCENT. The first time I played it, I thought "hey, this is like SORCEROR'S CAVE". And they really just don't make games like that any more. I think it'd also make for a fine kid's game as it introduces important life concepts like smashing demons in the face with a hammer and that Hell is a fun place that you should go in an easy to understand and exciting way. So there's a review at, of course.

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Straight to Hell, Boy- CLAUSTROPHOBIA in Review There Will Be Games
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