CYCLADES in Review: Best Game of 2010 So Far

CYCLADES in Review: Best Game of 2010 So Far Hot

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CycladesAs Matt Drake's article from a couple of weeks ago already told y'all, CYCLADES is pretty good. More than that, I'd go so far as to call it the best game I've played this year to date. It's an easy to play, fun game that really does a lot more than you'd expect it would given its brief rules and abstractions. Hell, there's even tribute-paying auctions in the game and they're still thematic and fun. I love that it's a very slender design, not packed full of rules blubber and extraneous's tight, focused, and gets right down to business but there's a lot to do. It's very "complete", and think it's brilliant design that so much gets packed into so little without much loss.

So the review is in its normal place,, with an all-new format that is line with the video games reviews we do over there. Speaking of which, Bill Abner is sitting on my ZENO CLASH review so it should be up sometime in the next couple of days.

But yeah, CYCLADES. You should play it. Maybe even buy it. Like Asmodee's last game, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, I think you'll be surprised at what all you get for sixty bucks. The monster figures are awesome, and the Kraken has my vote for miniature of the year.

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CYCLADES in Review: Best Game of 2010 So Far There Will Be Games
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