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I decided to just make my own list.

The criteria for the Ubers is easy. The game must have been published in 2006. I get to decide the criteria for each category. It's a Family Game if it is playable by three generations of my family, including flaky grandparents, ADD in-laws, and normal, non-gifted, non-geek kids. It's a Children's Game if typical children can play it with other typical children without my having to grab them by the scruff of their necks to separate them. If nothing exceptional was published in a category, no Uber will be awarded. Only one person gets to vote - me.

Fury of Dracula

Fury of Dracula - Ubergame 2006.
This has already reached the status of Classic in my mind.


Marvel Hereos Board Game

Marvel Heroes - Uberslugfest 2006.
A strained marriage between Euro mechanics and AT sensibilities, this game is clunky, fiddly, complicated, and the rules are a mess. However, it is still a damn fun game to play. Don't over-think it, and for heaven's sake, never, ever play with any over-thinking, AP-prone person. Just go out there and kick the crap out of the bad guys.


California Board Game

California - Uberfamilygame 2006.
Alhambra-like with a sense of humor, and no boring scoring. It's accessible; it's fast; it's tense; it's easy to teach; it's got just the right amount of passive-aggressive "screw-you." Plus it has the hot chick.


Blue Moon City Board Game

Blue Moon City - Uberabstract 2006.
Despite the so-called theme and pretty artwork, this is an abstract game. For some inexplicable reason, Blue Moon City triggers a Talisman sense memory. Maybe it is that it is a race game where we run around, picking cards and hope for the best, and accumulate dragon scales, like dead enemies, for points. Then when we are ready, we "go-up" to the center of the board.


 Warrior Knights

Warrior Knights - Uberwarthemed 2006.
This game has it all - theme, player interaction, tough choices, negotiation, a touch of chaos. A game where players get so immersed and invested that by the third turn they are threatening vengeance - that is one awesome game.


Cleopatra and the Society of Archetects

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects - Uberboring 2006.
See also Masons.


Leonardo da Vinci Board Game

Leonardo da Vinci - Ubercrap 2006.
See Also Thurn and Taxis, & Tempus.


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