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phantomcovermock200This week, Dan Verssen's PHANTOM LEADER gets the Cracked LCD treatment and- what's that? The Gameshark Editor's Choice award! Folks, this game is awesome.  It's hugely thematic, narrative, and in some ways it's more like a sports team management sim or an adventure game than a wargame. I've been kind of blown away by it, and I think a lot of folks here will be too. There are only two serious contenders for best of the year honors at this point, and this game is one of them.

I'm predicting that on the strengths of games like this, FIELDS OF FIRE, the VPG solo titles (review next week!), and the emergence of more and more games that have solitaire options built in that we're going to see more one player fare in the next couple of years. It makes sense, because it's a hell of a lot easier to get yourself to play a game than it is to get four or five people on board for it. I never really got into the solo game thing until just recently, but I'm having a great time with these titles.

Also, my BLAZBLUE: CONTINUUM SHIFT review is up if you care. I hope that you do.

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