Cracked LCD Countdown: Top Ten Apps for Board Gamers

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Cracked LCD Countdown: Top Ten Apps for Board Gamers
There Will Be Games

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Hey, did you know that you can play board games on those fancy iPhones and iPads? No, seriously, it's true!  And there's some really good ones too!  Yeah man, like, REAL board games that you might actually have heard of!

Wait, what's that you say? Board gaming isn't board gaming unless you're staring at a slice of cardboard placed properly in the middle of the table with your buddies Charlie Calculator and A.P. Fiddlefarter?  Bullshit says I, a board game is a board game whether it's physical or not. In fact, there's a couple of board game apps I've bought for games I don't even really like in RL- like INGENIOUS and SAMURAI. But they play just fine when a full game is ten minutes long and with a simple, touchscreen interface.

This month's Cracked LCD Countdown is all about these IOS board games, at least ten of them that I think are worth your dollars. I mean, you can play NEUROSHIMA HEX, the full game, for literally a fraction of the cost of the physical game.

Now if we could just get some other publishers and designers on board...who here wouldn't want to see REALMSPEAK for the iDevices, or even something like VASSAL?

There Will Be Games

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