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 Pictured is one of the very best games of the year. At least its box, which I don't have because I had to beg Clever Mojo to send me a review copy composed of spare parts wrapped in butcher paper. The tiny little company that had to bankroll their game through wasn't scared of bad press.

And they shouldn't have been, because the game is outstanding. As in Game of the Year contender outstanding I don't give a flying fuck if it's not hardcore Ameritrash and if the dice rolling and area control mechanics are pure Euro, this game beats just about everything released this year with plastic soldiers and (god save us) card-based combat. It's a smart, lean game with zero fat and 100% fun. I also love the setting and presentation, what with all the old Omni/Analog style artwork and homages to classic SF writers.

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Oh, and my Thanksgiving message to the world- PILGRIMS GO HOME.

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