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If there's two things I'm sick to death of, it's zombies and deckbuilding games. Here then, is my review of a zombie deckbuilding game that I really like.

I've already encountered several gamers, including the infamous Will Kenyon, who have turned their noses up at the RESIDENT EVIL DECKBUILDING GAME for various reasons. Yep, it uses DOMINION mechanics wholesale. But instead of just twirling its meat about how clever it is, it puts the mechanics to good use and throws in player characters, a small adventure game element, and lots and lots of guns and ammunition. It isn't as "deep" (tee hee) as DOMINION, but it's a hell of a lot more fun to shoot a rocket launcher at Nemesis than it is to build a medieval village. It looks great, it's fairly cheap, and it has three different gameplay modes and it does solo really well. This is a good game, unexpectedly. Review in its usual spot. Also, check out the new archive at the end of the article- you can now see the titles of all 180 columns I've done at Gameshark.

Also front-paging this week is my review of the PS3 racing epic GRAN TURISMO 5. I love it. Some were disappointed with it, but I think it's a great game and I've come to love its quirky, idioisyncractic nature. It's very directorial and obsessive and only knows about one thing and will only talk about one a bossy kid with Aspergers or something. The takeaways from this game are that a Lamborghini Murcielago is easier to look at than it is to drive and "The Entertainer" isn't really the song you want to hear when you're buying an aero kit for your Maserati.

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