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Bronze in Review
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Pictured is Bronze, a PC game you might very well have never of. I might not have either, but Bill Abner sent me a link to a Tom Chick preview of it a couple of months ago. As you can see, it's one of those futuristic computer board games that shows up on a monitor.

It's actually pretty good. It's a tile-laying Eurogame, but it's a bit more aggro than you'd expect. I think these guys really should have released it as a printed game because I think the Eurogamer crowd would have really dug it. No luck, fairly abstract, pictures of people in historical garb.

Unfortunately, it's $30 and it's download only which I think puts the game way out of the price range it should be.You can buy a tile-laying game like Neuroshima Hex for $2 and Carcassonne for $5 on your phone and anything from Settlers of Catan to originals like Greed Corp. for $12 or less on the console services. And this game doesn't even have multiplayer outside of hotseat.

The demo is worth checking out, but you don't really get to do the campaigns, which is really where the game is at its best. But it's also free.

Review is right where you expect it to be.

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