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Pictured is quite possibly the most Ameritrash logo I have seen in my entire life. It's from Earth Reborn, an instant AT classic that kicks all those games with the fancy pants card combat systems and "elegant" hybrid mechanics in the balls.

Earth Reborn shows that AT games can be complex without being unnecessarily complicated, and that strong narrative and story can exist side-by-side with closed fist auctions and a loony search mechanic where you roll dice and rifle through a card deck- literally searching for a card.  It's big, brawny, a little dim-witted in parts but utterly brilliant in others and I think it's more in the spirit of TRUE AT than a lot of the games that have fallen under that banner in the past couple of years. This is a game that looks, feels, and plays like that lost classic from 1989 that doesn't really exist. It's bare-faced and unashamed of its over-the-top absurdity, and although I think the post-apoc plus zombies setting is dreary and boring, the gameplay is top shelf, all the way.

Congratulations go out to Zev for putting out something so big, awesome, and innovative...and at a very reasonable retail price. Now, support this sucker! is your spot. Watch this space for some exciting news coming soon from Bill Abner, myself, and some of the other Gameshark staffers.

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