Catching Up With Victory Point Games...maybe...

Catching Up With Victory Point Games...maybe... Hot

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Shellie emailed me a little while ago and said "OMG, have you died? Where is Cracked LCD?". And then she threatened to fire me. The truth is, Bill Abner is completely AWOL, I think he just got a review code for Shogun 2 and as such my four-in-one review of some new Victory Point Games is languishing on his desk. Or I think he might be travelling. So, while you bide your time wondering how much I really didn't like Parsec, here's some stuff from you might like.

First up is an editorial I did on video game length, filler, and the illusion of content. I get to make a reference to Jed Buell's midgets.

Then there's a roundup of four recent IOS games that I think are worth your dollar.

Bill Abner writes his second board game review for Brief History of the World. He uses a numbered list in it. I'm ashamed.

Bill also gives us a piece on failure in games. He definitely SHOULD NOT play Hard Corps: Uprising.

But yeah, eventually the Cracked LCD piece will go up so keep checking. I'm about to go play Mansions of Madness at the Hellfire Club so if someone sees it post, link us up.

Catching Up With Victory Point Games...maybe... There Will Be Games
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