The Other Jeanne D'Arc Game - Now on PC!

The Other Jeanne D'Arc Game - Now on PC! Hot

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Anybody remember Tilsit's JOAN OF ARC?  Anybody?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

Well, I do...and I liked it probably more than I ought to have.  Of course, no one will play it with me but for years it's remained on my shelf as one of the very few Joan of Arc games out there.  I'm a big fan of hers- and yeah, I liked THE MESSENGER.

AGEOD, that crazy French PC game developer with a strange obsession with American wars that did the really great but strangely opaque BIRTH OF AMERICA and AGEOD'S AMERICAN CIVIL WAR has teamed up with Tchounga Games and designer Pascal Barnard to bring us MONTJOIE!, an unasked for and almost totally unexpected PC version of the game.  I'm pretty thrilled- and it turns out the game is really fun.  I thought it'd make for a good review over at .

Screw that TICKET TO RIDE on Xbox Live a electronic version of a board game that's actually fun and _better_ than its cardboard counterpart.  Get the demo here.

The Other Jeanne D'Arc Game - Now on PC! There Will Be Games
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