FFG's New WoW Game Actually Good, Despite Shameful Legacy of License

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If you asked me to point out two games that FFG did that I despise they'd be WARCRAFT and WORLD OF WARCRAFT.  I thought the WARCRAFT game was as half-baked a game idea I've ever seen and WORLD OF WARCRAFT was left in the broiler way, way too long.  So yeah, I'm kinda shocked that the new WOW: ADVENTURE GAME is pretty good.

Now, I hate MMORPGs.  The idea of them makes me queasy.  I come from a time when "video gaming" meant sitting in a darkened room by yourself fighting against some cruddy AI or possibly talking face-to-face trash with the neighborhood kids over the SNES version of STREET FIGHTER II.  But I tried the free WoW trial for a couple of days solely so I could see what all the fuss was about and to be able to say yea or nay as to if the board game captured the essence of the PC game.  I have this to say about WOW.  If you are one of the people who bitch about all the walking in THE LORD OF THE RINGS, stay away from WOW.  It's lots of walking and occasionally a bear fights you.  Then you gather up pork ribs and give them to a dwarf.  I only played to about 10th level, but I think it was the most boring video game I've ever played.  I can't believe all the fuss over it...I'll take DIABLO II over it any day.

I know a lot of you guys out there reading this dig MMORPGs so I'll spare you my full wrathful rant about them.  You guys enjoy your Perky Pat layouts.

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