FFG to All Other Game Publishers- "We’re In Ur Base, Killin Ur Doods"

FFG to All Other Game Publishers- "We’re In Ur Base, Killin Ur Doods" Hot

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If there's any doubt that Fantasy Flight Games is the iconic, premiere publisher of board games today than STARCRAFT should lock that title down for them.

At this point, I think FFG is actually outdoing "glory years" Avalon Hill in terms of releasing consistently great games that will, mark my words, be regarded as the classic games from this era in the hobby's development that people still play and enjoy twenty years from now. Their commitment to reintroducing past classics and developing respectful games based on high-profile licenses puts them head and shoulders above much of the competition and their best-in-business in-house development team just can't seem to stop turning out amazing work (WORLD OF WARCRAFT notwithstanding). Of course, the quality of their productions is on a level that no one else can touch and if I were a publisher I'd be doing everything I could to keep up with the high standards they're putting out there- you can say it's because they have more money or better resources, but the fact of the matter is that FFG started out very small doing pretty spartan productions and look where they are now thanks to smart business practices and raw, unbridled ambition. They're getting to the point where only firms like Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast are any bigger.

So all you guys over at FFG- I salute you. Even Bexley, the guy filling in for Thaad while she's away at her little video game event who corrected a gross figure imbalance in my box.

As for my STARCRAFT review over at Gameshark.com? Best game of 2007.

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FFG to All Other Game Publishers- "We’re In Ur Base, Killin Ur Doods" There Will Be Games
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