SENJI- Japanese for "Family Feud"

SENJI- Japanese for "Family Feud" Hot

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If you hear the word "Samurai" and do not automatically think of Toshiro Mifune, Shintaro Katsu, Tomisaburo Wakayama, and Tatsuya Nadakai then your momma brought you up wrong.  One thing I _don't_ think of is good board games because I think the Fedual Japan setting stinks for gaming...I think the problem is that it's always this very high level, strategic thing more about governance and administration than one-on-one combat, issues of personal honor, and katanas-a-flashing.  Screw providing rice for troops or generating koku for whatever.  I want steely-eyed face-offs in waist-deep water between quiet men that erupt in violence and garden hose sprays of blood. 

So it's time to have a look at SENJI over at  And the capsule review is that it's one of those games that's extremely well designed but not much fun- but it's at least interesting, unique, and fairly innovative in a lot of ways, and I respect that quite a bit.  Serge Laget, the guy who did MARE NOSTRUM is one of the designers and although I'm disappointed that he doesn't pull a repeat performance of masterful awesomeness, at least he did something original if overdesigned.
SENJI- Japanese for "Family Feud" There Will Be Games
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