Best Game Component Ever- DARK TOWER

Best Game Component Ever- DARK TOWER Hot

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victory.jpg Last week, AT founding father and LIEBE & INTRIGE enthusiast ROBERT MARTIN broke out one of his copies of DARK TOWER after a couple of mojitos and we took a stroll down memory lane.  It was one of those experiences where you realize that sometimes great things get left behind, neglected, and even forgotten.  I had forgotten how awesome DARK TOWER is- it's so far beyond the values of what makes a game "good" these days it's not funny.  So much of this hobby has become about elitist bullshit like "sophistication", "elegance", "cleverness" and all that thanks to online pundits and forum folderol that sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the fact that games should be about having a good time first and foremost.  And DARK TOWER is a _great_ time. 

I can't believe I live in a world where the self-appointed internet cognoscenti of the hobby would tell me that non-interactive, sterile calculator games like LOST CITIES are somehow better than this masterpiece of atmosphere, mystery, and excitement.

So it's a Games from the Crypt entry for this week over at

Totally unrelated- while I was digging around for a picture, I found this incredible book cover drawn by Bob Pepper, the guy that did the art for the game along with has "tattoo" written all over it.


Best Game Component Ever- DARK TOWER There Will Be Games
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