THE WORLD CUP GAME- Best Sports Game Ever Published

THE WORLD CUP GAME- Best Sports Game Ever Published Hot

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Alright, I've been playing THE WORLD CUP GAME for months and I figured I'd put the review up at rather than the scathing, hateful rant against the attendees (including many gamers) of Dragon Con 2008 that I was going to send in to Bill Abner this week.   I realized that I wasn't writing about gaming but about "geek culture" in general.

Seriously, if you took all the time,  money, energy, concern, and passion that "geeks" invest in bullshit like failed TV shows, building elaborate costumes, and gaming and focused it all on social change, environmental stewardship, and humanitarianism then the world would be a different place.

And then there's the girl that came up to me and assessed the three games I brought to play with AGF alumni (CUTTHROAT CAVERNS, REALLY NASTY HORSE RACING, and THE WORLD CUP GAME)- "Fun once, fun once, never heard of it."  Ah, the unsolicited elitist geek opinion.  Thank you for that.

And then there was my realization that the root of all geek humour is juxtaposition, typically of pop culture references or incongruity.  "McCthulhu's" or KILLER BUNNIES are key examples.  Or a Stormtrooper with one of those Firefly toboggans on.  And that Dr. Horrible crap, which as I predicted was all over the con, is totally based on the hilarity of a "bad guy" talking about "soft billowy curtains".  Juxtaposition like that is not ever funny to me. 

And then there was this artist...I think I heckled this painting in the artshow for like twenty minutes.  She also had a painting of a feather with Elvis crying in it, I think I know why.  NSFW!  NSFW!  NSFW!

See!  I'm doing it.  Nobody wants to read six pages of that, so go check out the review instead.  The game is awesome.
THE WORLD CUP GAME- Best Sports Game Ever Published There Will Be Games
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