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M Updated May 10, 2019
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Fog of Love

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Fog of Love is great if you can get into the roleplaying” is a refrain I’ve heard endlessly and couldn’t disagree with more. I can’t stand the roleplaying aspect of the game, yet it rests firmly among my most favorite games ever made.  This isn’t to say the roleplaying is bad. I know people who love that aspect. It just isn’t why I love the game.

Fog of Love is like the best historical wargames. It is a simulation and an incredibly thoughtful one. Within its mechanics is a terrific simiulation of a relationship; covering hidden desires, relationship goals, and that maddening experience of trying to guess exactly where your partner wants to go for dinner.  

When I play Fog of Love, I get a full blown story simply by engaging with the mechanics.  If I’m secretly a jerk, I’m incentivized to be a jerk and the relationship will go down that road.  I don’t need to role-play being a jerk; the mechanics simply create that through my actions.  I often like to compare games to other games so people have an idea what they are getting into, but this game truly defies comparison. It is absolutely worth trying and gets my highest recommendation.

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Anjou Valentine's Avatar
Anjou Valentine replied the topic: #296912 10 May 2019 14:34
Fog of Love expansions $5.99 on in no way coinciding with this write-up...
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MasonSokol replied the topic: #296913 10 May 2019 14:42

Anjou Valentine wrote: Fog of Love expansions $5.99 on in no way coinciding with this write-up...

“Therewillbegames, a walmart company”