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The-Rodeo-Queen2.jpg I know it's time for a Review Rodeo over at when I've played a bunch of games that I liked or didn't like but not enough to write a full feature on them.  This time, the rodeo'ed games are mostly pretty good, but there is one stunning masterpiece among them. I liked LIFEBOAT and GALAXY TRUCKER well enough, but MAGICAL ATHELETE is one of the highest achievements in board game design ever to grace a table. Or maybe it's not, it's really pretty dumb. I dunno. At any rate, I'd rather play it than 95% of the games sitting on my shelf right now so I guess that says something. Or does it?  Who knows, never has a game baffled me so with the way it combines amazingness with sheer idiocy. Bottom line, it's brilliant. I think.

Funagain has it for $47.95...Frank Branham's got a copy and that's the only thing keeping me from blowing money on a deck of 25 cards, a crap board, and a d6. Go buy it now.*

*F:AT,, Bill Abner, and Michael barnes are not responsible in any way for the buyer's remorse you may feel when you buy MAGICAL ATHELETE. The game is not guaranteed to be good at all and the author and all associated entitites disavow any responsbility for your purchase should you wind up hating the game and questioning Barnes' sanity.
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