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"A communications breakdown can mean only one thing- INVASION"

That's my favorite line in EPISODE I. Actually, it's the only line I like at all. That guy (Boondoggle Papa, Toots Worrisome, or whatever his name is) is so paranoid. I bet he calls his pals (Chipto Frenda or Buddia Olpal) and if their cellphones aren't working or if their email bounces he assumes it's Poland 1939 all over again.

Well, apparently there's some kind of invasion over at, or at least inside of Bill Abner's inbox. Somehow that crazy internet mislaid this week's article and it's not up yet. It should be up as soon as Abner gets through ruining it with that editing machete whereby he cuts out all my devastating, Pulitzer-prize caliber prose and leaves behind something a chimpanzee can read and understand

I'm off to go gaming, so I won't be able to post it here until later. But keep checking- This week's topic- MAGIC: THE GATHERING.
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