Coriolanus - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

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Coriolanus - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
There Will Be Games

Times and technology may change, sensibilities and propriety may evolve over time but the heart and soul of humanity remains constant. Human nature is eternal. Nothing brings that home more than stories written hundreds of years ago that still retain all their poignancy to this day. I will not attempt to condense the greatness of Shakespeare's play into a few lines. It's themes and messages are many and deep. This adaptation, though, is very well done. Ralph Fiennes may still only have his one tight lipped wooden faced expression of bottled up rage but for the character of Coriolanus it is perfect. The light touch in bringing the setting into modern times, in comparison to the intriguing but ham fisted way it was done in Romeo and Juliet, is to be applauded. His direction of the performances is fantastic but he should get a bitch slap to the face for using the "shaky cam" for his action sequences. For the love of God, if you can't stage a decent fight using a stable camera (and I ain't sayin' it's easy) hire somebody to do it for you. The supporting actors are superb. Vanessa Redgrave...phenomenal. Go see this movie if you can.


Status: Still showing in theaters but sadly not many. Art Houses mostly and only in a few cities. Luckily one was Bow-tie in Hartford.

There Will Be Games

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