Larry Crowne - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

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Larry Crowne - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
There Will Be Games

Points at which my suspension of disbelief were broken: 1) Larry Crowne the dream employee of every shift manager ever to work in retail  is fired because he doesn't have a college education which unbeknownst to me is required to work the minimum wage job chasing carriages in the lot of the local Walmart 2) Larry is befriended by a beautiful 20 something in the parking lot of the community college because 45 year olds that show up riding scooters in 1972 Evel Kanievel helmets, button down shirts and wrinkled khakis are in no way creepy but are actually cute.  3) Harley guys do not meet people riding scooters with scorn and derision but rather with an assumed bond of spiritual brotherhood. They do not give the finger to scooter riders but rather give them a thumbs up and a "right on, Bro". 4) Julia Roberts who has that sallow unhealthy look of either a five pack a day smoking cancer patient or middle aged woman in Hollywood desperate to stay thin is treated as a breath taking beauty rather than a creature that appears to be on the verge of singing the chorus to "Down Down to Goblin Town" at any moment. This movie was one big suck, the story unbelievable, the characters unlikeable, the attempts to pull emotional strings laughable. If you've been looking for an excuse to kick in your TV but haven't had any luck, here is your answer. Watch ten minutes of this and see if you don't feel like putting a boot through the screen.

Netflix status: Your not going to watch this P.O.S. are you?

There Will Be Games

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