With Great Power; The Stan Lee Story - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

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With Great Power; The Stan Lee Story - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
There Will Be Games

Long ago people would gather around campfires to hear stories told by bards and poets. Stan Lee would have fit right in. He could talk about how he chose which pair of socks to wear and I'd be enthralled. He is that good. And that's where this documentary really shines. When it's Stan talking about the early days of working at Timely comics and later at Marvel. It begins to break down a little when it glosses over the collapse of comics in the 80's, the lousy quality of the early Marvel superhero TV shows, movies, and cartoons, and the current business fronted by Lee, Pow Entertainment. There is plenty of commentary by big names in the comics industry such as John Romita Sr. and Ralph Macchio to name a few and these are interesting and insightful. There is also a lot of commentary by Hollywood actors and actresses that appeared in Marvel movies and this is less compelling. I don't think I'm far wrong when I say that Kirsten Dunst, while very attractive, could probably fill the Grand Canyon with what she doesn't know about comics.  This was obviously made by people who are big fans of Stan and what he accomplished. It wants to show him in a good light and it does. He comes across as supremely likeable, smart, funny, and driven. A guy who LOVES comics, constantly gives credit to his co-creators, artists and writers, and has a deep appreciation and respect for the fans. This isn't an expose seeking out dark and nasty secrets. It's a love letter to a man whose work has touched millions.

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There Will Be Games

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