Indie Game the Movie - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

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Indie Game the Movie - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
There Will Be Games

The ease with which a creator can get his vision directly into the hands of the consumer becomes greater and greater everyday. The old systems of distribution,the publishing houses, the movie studios, the record labels become more and more dated and obsolete. What do the gatekeepers of content guard when the walls to either side of their doorway have been destroyed? In this documentary we spend some time with a few  creators in the field of indie video games.  Three sides are presented. The first is the thoughts of the man who made the very successful game Braid and his reflections some time after his game came out. The second is the team who were behind Super Meat Boy just prior to and just after it was released. The last is the guy who, at the time the movie was made, was still designing a game called Fez which he had yet to release and had been working on for five years. We get a look into the minds of creative people, how they obsess, and strive, and torture themselves to bring their vision into the world. How and where they live and to an extent the ramifications that their dream has upon their personal lives.  We get to see a bit too much of the neurosis and anxieties of the man who made Fez but we also  get to see the reaction of one of the Super Meat Boy team, on release day, as he realizes that despite all his fears and doubts that his dream really is going to come true and for that alone the movie is worth watching.

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There Will Be Games

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