Lords of Dogtown - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

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Lords of Dogtown - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
There Will Be Games

The exultation of motion, the seduction of speed, the thrill of reckless danger, but most of all the duality of existence. The feeling that while I am at once both more and less a part of the world around me. I transcend it, I pass through it, I sense it but it cannot touch me. That is what it feels like to ride a motorcycle. And I suspect it is a feeling shared by the skate punks of Venice Beach circa 1975 when they leave the shitty everyday world behind and ride their boards. The story is a familiar one if the trappings are unique. The rise of the pure artist until money and ambition bring about the inevitable fall from grace. A wistful look back at the glory of the early days but a recognition that the innocence of the past cannot be recaptured. I liked how each of the characters was drawn in a realistic yet sympathetic manner so that I cared what happened to them even if they weren't all perfect.  A tone of youthful rebellion and boyish bravado runs throughout the movie. Take the time and see what it was like when the great drought emptied the swimming pools of Southern California and local ruffians filled them with skateboards.

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There Will Be Games

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