My Sweet Pepper Land - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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My Sweet Pepper Land - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Foreign films can provide a new breath of fresh air if you are feeling like Hollywood has been too predictable as of late. Here is almost-a-Western taking place in a Kurdish village in the Bermuda triangle of corruption between Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

You have the new Sheriff (Commander) in town who has been fighting with the Kurdish resistence since he was 15, but with the downfall of Saddam, he is looking for meaningful work other than living with his mother. You also have a single woman who is the new local school teacher working amongst a group of men obsessed with honour (not in the Klignon kind of way but more in the oppression of women....but they call it honour).

For me, I thought it was great to watch and even funny at times. Things get tense real quick, as you can imagine, as installing a local law enforcement system in a newly liberated area can be rather clumsy when you have local warlords that have been profiteering off the instability of the region.

I don't know much about the region and their troubles but I'm glad that I saw this and I DO know that this is a great movie :)


5 stars (I might be being a little generous here, maybe it should be 3.5)

There Will Be Games

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