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Gold - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Pretty average, cliched film. Saw it opening night of an Irish film festival. Just not very many likeable characters. 

Favourite character wasn't in it enough, this happy-go-lucky overweight woman (Rosie?) who crushes out on Arya's biological father. She was great. Maisie Williams was also really strong, it's funny I didn't see any Arya Stark in her but I did keep thinking how much she looks like Catelyn Stark and how well those actresses were cast. Not good things to be thinking about when I'm watching an entirely different thing.

Basic premise of the film is a stepfather pushing a child too hard to perform in sports, along with the drama of her deadbeat biological father coming back into her life.

The movie is okay and passable but only if you don't think about it too much. The good news is Maisie Williams is showing some range and potential to be a capable actress. I always like James Nesbitt as well, even if it's mostly just slapstick this time around.

Heart rating: 3 stars

Brain rating: 2.5 stars 

There Will Be Games

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