Finding Dory - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Finding Dory - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Lots of fun, but impossible to match the perfection of Finding Nemo. I really enjoyed it and had some great laughs (seals yelling OFF!OFF!OFF! to get others off their rock had me rolling). 

Took my 5-yr old girl, Emily, to see it and she found it scary. i assumed she meant the squid-in-a-box but turns out she thought the idea of Dory losing her family was just way too scary. She's right, that's no picnic for a kid. I took her to this cuz I figured Jungle Book was too scary, but apparently I misjudged what children find disturbing. 

Still, it's a solid movie and I loved that beluga with his sonar, the cast must have had a blast doing the voice work for this. I found the beluga and the octopus to be really strong in terms of voice performances. 

Really good sequel, incredible animation as is usual for Pixar but this time I was pretty floored a few times by the beauty of it. 

Heart rating: 5 stars

Brain rating: 4 stars

There Will Be Games

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