Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Super cute little Kiwi comedy. Not-so-little Ricky Baker is placed into a foster home at the frontier of New Zealand civilization (before you enter the Bush). Adventures follow as he and his "uncle" Hec (played by an unrecognizable Sam Neill) try to deal as much with each other as with the Kiwi wilderness. 

Takes a while to warm up but both main leads are fantastic as are the various antagonists that they meet or that chase them throughout the film. You'll surprise yourself when you are laughing out loud at a wild boar being killed, or when they run into a great cameo by Flight of the Conchord's Rhys Darby (basically New Zealand's Will Forte), who I absolutely love in anything. 

Although the ending is a little forced and off-kilter, the entire middle of the movie is a joy to sit through. I knew i wanted to see this movie when all I saw was one screenshot and I was already smiling from ear to ear. 

Lots of good clean fun.

Heart rating: 5 stars

Brain rating: 4 stars

There Will Be Games

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