Manchester by the Sea - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Manchester by the Sea - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

My heart still hurts from having seen this movie. It took hours for it to feel a bit better, and even now it still aches. This is one HEAVY movie. 

I can't say enough good things about Casey Affleck's performance. He is so obviously going to win best actor this year for this at the Oscars. I liked him before and now I LOVE him. What a deep character to try and master, and he does so with great skill. Michelle Williams is great, and that one scene of them together on the street is easily this year's best scene on film thanks to her. It just absolutely tore me to pieces. 

There are so many of these awkward drama moments captured super well in this film. Like a hockey team standing by and waiting while a teammate learns that his father has just died. Most movies wouldn't give screentime to a bunch of teammates standing on the ice waiting, but this one does and it adds massively to the quality and impact of the drama. 

I also love that the screenwriters completely respect the audience. Never once do we see certain pictures in frames, we only see the characters' reactions to the pictures, that's all we need. You don't need to connect all the dots and you didn't, so KUDOS to Manchester by the Sea for being a smart adult movie. 

This movie is simply incredible and I highly recommend it. This movie will swallow you whole.

Heart rating: 5 stars (it just doesn't get better)

Brain rating: 4.5 stars 

There Will Be Games

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