Hidden Figures - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Hidden Figures - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
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Hidden Fences Figures tells the true story of the contributions of African-American women at NASA at the beginning of the Space Race. It's very well made, put-together and inspirational. 

I'm having trouble deciding if this is a 2016 or a 2017 movie. If it is a 2016 movie, it wouldn't have made my top ten anyway so no regrets there. I have a friend who liked it more than La La Land but I think he's cray-cray. 

It's funny to see how type-cast Octavia Spencer is getting. I think she's doomed to play characters with sass and that suits me just fine. She's perfect at it. As immensely strong as the three main leads are, the supporting cast is sorely lacking (other than Kevin Costner who is great). It's hard to believe this is the same Mahershala Ali as Moonlight (in his defence, this is much more of a fluff role), but I really strained to get through the scenes of Kristen Dunst and especially Jim Parsons. What is the joke with putting him in the role of a smart nerd?? Honestly I think the casting agent was just messing around when his name was suggested but someone must have thought it was serious. All that was missing from his scenes was a laugh track.

Outside of those significant flaws that will hurt your head, this is a very great feel-good movie and will serve to lift your spirits right into orbit (UGH). 

Overall, it certainly works and there are a couple of really strong memorable scenes. I liked it very much. 

Heart rating - 4.5 stars 

Brain rating - 4 stars (I'm feeling nice today)

There Will Be Games

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