Everything Barney does not watch Five Second Review – The Dark Tower

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Everything Barney does not watch Five Second Review – The Dark Tower
There Will Be Games

After Barney beat me to Cars 3, I when to see The Dark Tower. His comment on me going to see this movie was exactly this: “It’s going to be TERRIBLE.” It wasn’t though. As the movie starts, you are reminded how Stephen King’s novel adaptations are – a dark movie with someone “crazy” because they have dreams or visions. Nonetheless, this movie does a fantastic job at keeping you at the edge of your seat the entire hour and a half, except for one cheap trick that gets you entirely out of the movie… I seriously don’t get why screenwriters think it’s a good idea to pause all the action and put cliché dialogue between the two characters, so disappointing.

Matthew McConaughey did a wonderful job at playing the bad guy in this movie. It even disturbs you how good he is sometimes (Barney says the only thing disturbing is knowing that Death drives a Lincoln). What I liked most about the movie is that it makes you think and listen, they cut out moments where someone like me would try to predict what will happen (i.e “She going to die, she going to die!!”) and it leaves you hanging, adding to the suspense. The film answers most of the questions through different parts of the movie, but there are still some things that could be explained better, so just be ready to be a bit confused.

Overall, it’s a great movie because you feel tense the entire time as the action sequences keep coming at you… I don’t know if they tuned up the AC during a scene in the movie, but you can feel the forest breeze and mist at some point, very cool.

Heart Rating: 3.5

Brain Rating: 3.5


There Will Be Games

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