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The Lego Ninjago Movie - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Having been able to resist bringing 6-year old Emily to The Emoji Movie or Nut Job 2, finally a movie that looks OK enough comes out for kids that I rushed her to the theatre...

...and fell into a deep, deep sleep. I'm really hoping that the people behind these Lego movies see that you can't just throw the same formula at it over and over again. It's not always going to work. It's not awful or anything, it's probably even passable. It is just really nowhere near the quality of the past two Lego movies.

Part of it is the really lazy and repetitive screen-writing. How often is Lloyd (green ninja) going to confront his father with the same shtick!? "you sure you have nothing else you want to say to me?! that's it?" ugh.

The other part is that the voice acting is not on the same level as the other ones. Justin Theroux is no Will Arnett or Will Farrell, and I kept thinking Dave Franco was the kid from Ender's Game. I wish more airtime had been given to Kumail Nanjiani who was great, and I didn't even realize Fred Armisen was in this.

The last part, and important to me, is the jokes just don't land as well. I like Jackie Chan playing songs from Annie on his flute, but that's about it.

The visuals are getting a little too busy as well. I think my eyes get overloaded with all the stuff going on and it just knocks me right out. However, Emily liked it overall and that's really all that matters. She still keeps talking about the cat in it so I'm glad that worked. I'm still trying to figure out if it was a real cat or CGI. I honestly can't tell. Must be CGI...?

Why are there three directors anyway? That must be the problem.... or maybe its the eight writers. What the hell.

Heart rating: 2.5 stars (i just wanted it to end, it feels long for 90 minutes)

Brain rating: 3 stars

There Will Be Games

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