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The Star - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

More family-appropriate than Passion of the Christ.

I really wanted to take 6-year old Emily to see Wonder but she saw a preview of The Star and really wanted to see this instead. A lot of my childhood had a large amount of catholic indoctrination media (mostly audio cassettes) so I was weary to expose her to anything that could be dripping with the Jesus juice. This movie was not that, it was a really fun and a nice adventure of basically all the animals that end up in the manger where someone of great significance was born. I can't remember how long ago this story takes place.

After the movie, Emily immediately said she loved it and that it was her 3rd favourite movie she's seen. Making lists already brings warm feelings to her Virgo dad's heart.

There were lots of good morals throughout this, all while being entertaining and fun. Also the antagonist is fairly terrifying and is always a present danger. The voice acting was good fun, although it was odd to hear Tracy Morgan playing opposite Oprah Winfrey. Was Whoopi not available?

Full disclosure; I fell completely asleep during the middle but i wasn't the target audience anyway. So if my daughter loved it, it gets a pass from me.

Good clean fun, doesn't push the religion angle at all.... other than being a direct story from the Bible of course. Oh, and again I can't stress this enough, this is more family appropriate than Passion of the Christ. Still, i wish I seen Wonder instead.


Heart rating: 3 stars (it works)

Brain rating: 3 stars (it's fine)

There Will Be Games

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