Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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This should be a fun review to write.

First of all, let me get it off my chest that the movie should have just been called Three Billboards. I don't know why they went with this title.

I loved this movie and was constantly moved while watching it, trying to figure out exactly what it was. Enjoying the ride the entire way, mind you.

I think in many ways this movie is this year's Manchester by the Sea but doesn't hit the same level of perfection (but it's close).  I almost wonder if Lucas Hedges called his agent on the wrap-up day of shooting Manchester and said, "put me in another one of these." While Manchester was a heavy drama laced with some very welcome comedy, this one is much more of a comedy laced with extremely heavy drama. Let me say, and this is important, if you disliked Manchester for being too dreary, you will really like this.

That being said, I was the ONLY person laughing in the entire movie theatre which constantly made me wonder if I was offside. I'm finding a ton of this hilarious but there is so much drama going on that maybe lots of people don't get it, and think it's supposed to be a super serious drama. The thing is, why do we have to pigeon-hole it so badly? Can't it be both? Can't it be something to one viewer and a totally different experience to another?

The performances in this film are insane. Frances McDormand is a lock for the Oscar in my opinion, she is stoic as the lead and hugely entertaining to watch. Woody Harrelson blew me away as the police chief. The interrogation scene between the two fo them is the stand out scene for me that will stay with me for some time. I was buried in my seat, mouth agape, in awe of what a was watching in terms of masterful filmmaking. Unbelievable.

Sam Rockwell's role is controversal so i won't get into it, but I really dug it. All the ending scenes were very impactful. And Peter Dinklage might have pulled off one of the first performances post Game of Thrones where I'm not distracted by thinking of that HBO show during another performance. He was great in this.

Remember, it's okay to enjoy this as a comedy or a drama. You're in for a real solid treat if you can enjoy it for both at the same time.

Oh, and I think this will get the Best Picture Oscar. I think the Academy will prefer it to Lady Bird or Dunkirk.

Very strongly recommended.


Heart rating: 4.5 stars

Brain rating: 4.5 stars

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews There Will Be Games

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I loved this movie and was constantly moved while watching it, trying to figure out exactly what it was. Enjoying the ride the entire way, mind you.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2018 07:42 by SuperflyTNT #262666
SuperflyTNT's Avatar
Paddy, you forgot to tell us WHAT IT'S ABOUT.
Posted: 02 Feb 2018 08:54 by Black Barney #262676
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ah crap, you're right. I thought it was popular enough that people would know by now. For the more obscure stuff like this, i should put a small paragraph descriptive, you're right.

Frances McDormand plays the hate-filled stricken mother of a murdered daughter who was raped and burned. The police chief Wallaby (Woody Harrelson) has not been able to solve the case or to find any more leads. Frances McDormand has had enough with her daughter's unknown killer not getting justice so she rents three unused billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri to develop public support for pressuring the police to solving the case.

That's all you really need to know. It's a super dark comedy which totally works as a heavy drama too. It's amazingly fun and everyone that didnt' get blown away by Lady Bird seems to like this best.

I don't think it'll win Best Picture, I think it'll lose to Shape of Water. But Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell will both win. Woody Harrelson is AMAZING in this too. Peter Dinklage is a blast. It's just a lot of dark fun.
Posted: 02 Feb 2018 09:37 by charlest #262679
charlest's Avatar
This was a great film. It's been a disappointing past year for the depiction of my state (this alongside Ozark), but it's certainly a stellar movie.
Posted: 02 Feb 2018 13:04 by engelstein #262700
engelstein's Avatar
I agree that the performances were all very strong. But I found a few key plot elements lacking. Things were taken to extremes, and then had no consequences. They could have accomplished the same thing story and emotion-wise without those events that just took me out of the movie. I just kept waiting for another shoe to drop that never arrived.
Posted: 02 Feb 2018 13:36 by Black Barney #262703
Black Barney's Avatar
that's where the comedy aspect is supposed to kick in and take over, but I had those same problems engelstein. It stands to reason that a police department would ONLY investigate the molotov cocktail firebombing of one of their police stations if that actually ever happened, and wouldn't stop the investigation based on the sole witness testimony of some little guy who may or may not have shot a crossbolt bolt into his father.