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Early Man - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

Brought 7-year old Emily to this and it was a hit. 

I must admit I slept through at least the first half of the movie. I think trying to introduce a bunch of clay characters is tough since they are fairly indistinguishable and the voice actors aren't strong enough to make them unique. This style of animation works well for Shaun the Sheep since all the characters are pretty much the same except for Shaun, the farmer and the dog. You don't need to know the different sheep at all. So in this one, everyone looks and sounds the same which can get a little dull. 

But the humor is very good and I enjoyed all the ending sequences, especially the antagonist (best part of the movie, in fact having had an extra day to reflect on this, this guy was hilarious and his animation was perfect with his crappy teeth, I just want to watch more of him) I can't believe the sports announcers weren't Craig Ferguson. At least I recognized that they were probably voice by the same person. 

Anyway, at the end of the day Emily liked it and that's why I went.

Heart rating: 4 stars

Brain rating: 3.5 stars


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Early Man
Brought 7-year old Emily to this and it was a hit.
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jason10mm's Avatar
jason10mm replied the topic: #263998 25 Feb 2018 21:13
If my kid can get past the claymation I'm totally down for these films. I LOVE stop motion. I forced Kubo on him and he was ok with it, bit damn, do I love those types of movies. Box trolls, the Nine, that indiana jones spoof, shawn, etc.
Jazzbeaux's Avatar
Jazzbeaux replied the topic: #264005 26 Feb 2018 03:52
Watched this on the weekend as part of my sons birthday celebrations. The kids all loved it, I thought it was fine and pitched more at their age range (7-9) than other Aardman Animations.