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Leave No Trace movie review
There Will Be Games

Floored. A movie about nothing and everything at the same time.

As a father of a little girl, of course this movie resonates with me but I don't think you need to be a parent to fall deep into this.

I don't want to say much of the story other than it's about a father and daughter living off the grid. Heard from one movie-goer exiting the theatre, "what the hell was that?? Where was the story?" I've not seen a movie like this in some time (or ever) that better represents the type of film where "your mileage may vary." That being said, I don't see at all any way that someone could dislike this movie. I think people will either like it or love it. It's a very non-traditional way to tell a story. I loved how I got totally lost in it.

The performances are insanely good. I continue to be impressed with Ben Foster since Hell or High Water, but I for sure would love to see some Oscar recognition for Thomasin McKenzie who's breakthrough reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone (which I only just found out was the same director, more from her please!). There's a few elements familiar with Into the Wild in this, but it's such a completely different set up and situation given the choices for why the characters are where they are. I can't wait to see McKenzie in her next roles, I hope the talent won't get wasted in some remake of Mean Girls or whatever. She deserves great screenplays like this one.

I love that there is no backstory, you're just watching this family exist, living off the land and surviving. The dynamic between father and daughter constantly framing everything you're witnessing. It's very powerful and especially honest. So honest and stunning. Not for the impatient.

I would see it again.

There Will Be Games Leave No Trace movie review

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