Luis and the Aliens - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

Luis and the Aliens - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Ouf.. boy that was bad. I took my 7-yr old girl to see this since we had seen everything else. This is a German movie that's had an English version made with Lea Thompson (who I still have no idea who she was in the movie) and Will Forte (who couldn't have phoned it in any more). I can't decide if the awkward animation is because the original soundtrack is in German, or if it's just the style of animation.

The first half of the movie is unbearably bad. Mostly because of the voice acting, all the mains are terrible but the supporting cast was actually pretty good. One voice actor, Paul Tylak, does the voice of at least three side characters (including the awesome ice cream man) and he's terrific. Also there's a lot of punch-in-the-face violence which I never like seeing in kids' movies.

The movie picks up for sure in the 2nd half where it becomes all Men in Black (must have provided much inspiration). Emily liked it as well, so points for that.

Seriously though, i've never seen such a lack of effort into voice acting. Even lines as simple as, "OH, COME HERE YOU!" are delivered with sub-zero enthusiasm. So the performances repeatedly fall flat which grinds the movie to a halt.

I think this is the first movie I've ever reviewed where the heart rating is actually less than the brain rating. I'm not sure what that implies exactly. The movie actually makes you feel worse (maybe because of the violence), whereas upstairs it seems to check off enough boxes to be ok.

One to be skipped!
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Luis and the Aliens

Ouf.. boy that was bad.

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